Spring Racing Fashion

Spring racing season is arguably the fashion event of the year, and the fashion stakes are high.

Dressing for the races is as orchestrated an event as the race itself. Everyone wants to stand out on race day, and among the sea of fashionistas and outlandish garbs, choosing a style which will land you in the ‘Best Dressed’ category of ‘Fashions on The Field’ can be a daunting task and this is where our team can help. Visit our Melbourne showroom at 983A North Road, Murrumbeena or contact us and let our designers create that special look.

Selecting your Fascinator

Let’s face it, you don’t think about spring racing fashion without first thinking of all those amazing fascinators and fabulous hats! Coordinating your outfit around your head piece can be a mission in balance.

Throughout the Spring Racing season, there are some events with dress codes to follow while others allow you complete creative freedom. That said, no matter what the racing event, you can’t go wrong with an elegant look. Leave your night club styles at home and give a nod to old world glamour or contemporary chic with your outfit. Your racing hat or fascinator should complete your look and team at Max Alexander can certainly help.